Sew Lesew - Part 124

Watch Ethiopian Drama Sew Lesew - Part 124

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Wazema - EBC Drama Series - Part 7

Watch Wazema - EBC Drama Series - Part 7

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Dana Episode 78 – Preview


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Mogachoch - Part 21

Mogachoch: is a drama series about a 30 years old doctor who lives with her mother and her 10 years old daughter, Dr. Kokeb has


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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Adenat"

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Love Yajo - Ethiopian Movie Trailer

Watch Love Yajo - Ethiopian Movie Trailer

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Tirfamaw"

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400 fiker

Watch The Ethiopian Movie 400 fiker (አራት መቶ ፍቅር)

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Newt"

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Tirfamaw - Part 4

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Tirfamaw"


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Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn

Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn

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Girum Janoye - Yanin Gara

 Girum Janoye - Yanin Gara 

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Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music

Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music

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Moges Mebratu - Melisegn (Official Music Video)

Moges Mebratu - Melisegn  (Official Music Video) 

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Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video)

Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video) 

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Fitsum G Tsadik - Sam Argegn (Official Music Video)

 Fitsum G Tsadik - Sam Argegn (Official Music Video)


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Ethiopia To Construct Oil And Gas Pipeline

Ethiopian Ministry of Mines announced that the country is preparing to build an oil and gas pipeline to export its natural gas produce abroad.  Various studies

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Al Amoudi drops to #116 on Forbes’ Billionaires List Share this post... Ethiopia’s richest man is once again among the richest person in the world ranking 116 among the World’s 1,826 Billionaires. His fortune

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Enjoy The Naked Bike Ride In Cape Town

The World Naked Bike Ride – Cape Town will have individuals “ride for cleaner energy, less reliance on fossil fuels, and to encourage more people

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South Sudan Conflict Fails To Agree On Peace Talks

Representatives of the two warring factions in the South Sudan conflict have failed to reach any agreement in the final round of peace talks, a

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“We won’t observe the [Ethiopian] election for the government wouldn’t accept the report” European Union Share this post...European Union has announced that it won’t observe the upcoming Ethiopian election since the Ethiopian government is not willing to accept the

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The World Bank - We Can't Take Blames For Ethiopia's Evictions

The World Bank has refused to take blames for violent evictions of indigenous groups in the Gambella Regional State. The Bank has also declined to