Big Brother Africa: Ethiopia’s Betty got the most votes, Uganda's Denzel first to be evicted

Big Brother Africa: Ethiopia’s Betty got the most votes, Uganda's Denzel first to be evicted

Ugandan housemate Denzel became the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Africa house on Sunday, after being nominated for eviction with four others earlier in the first week of the show.

Ten minutes into the Eviction show, host IK announced the Ugandan’s name, and social media went into orbit with disappointment.

“Oh No!!! The viewers are voting for their countries instead of entertainment AGAIN,” wrote one. Another declared “…Denzel is out! Am not renewing my subscription again!#Fotsek for all I care!” Yet another one complained that “…this is killing the show so soon, Denzel was just hilarious but clearly other viewers sense of humour is kinda weird.”

Many of the ones who were happy with his eviction took exception to the fact the Denzel often walked around only clad in his underwear. “awsme...africans dn lyk ppl wu roam arwnd nked...” wrote one. Another agreed “…ya ya we r Africans nt Americans”

When asked by IK why he went around almost naked, Denzel answered that as a young boy he was very insecure about his body, but as an adult he fights that insecurity by showing it off.

Kenya’s Huddah was the second housemate to be evicted, and she cried.

Clad in a Maasai headset, she told IK that no-one of the other housemates understood her, and that she had only opened up to Denzel, who was there seated by her side.

Denzel garnered only two country votes, from Uganda and South Africa, while Kenya and Tanzania voted for Hannah. Ethiopia’s Betty got the most votes. five (Ethiopia, Angola, Botswana, Namibia and Sierra Leone); while Natasha got votes from her home country Malawi, and neighbours Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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