Stuntman W: a daredevil of the film industry

Stuntman W: a daredevil of the film industry Mulugeta Amaru Megersa

Jumping from a two storey building or a speeding car, rolling out of a moving car, getting smashed against a wall or a thick glass window, taking severe beatings are few of the stunt moves that big Hollywood movies are known and admired for.

Perhaps this also seems to be one of the reasons behind success of the billion-dollar US film industry. However, another young industry-the Ethiopian film industry- seems to be embarking on a journey to perfect this craft. And Ethiopian stunt performer Mulugeta Amaru Megersa a.k.a. W is one name which stands out when one talks of stunts in an Ethiopian film.

He says that his stunts at the moment are not as elaborate and dangers as the ones in a more advanced films. In Hollywood, even though the main actors are the ones getting all the attention and admiration for their bravery and acting, there are also those actors behind the scene who put their life in danger everyday giving the film a touch of reality-the stunt performers.

One of the highly acclaimed Hollywood films, The Expendables part two, a stunt performer has lost his life and another one was left in a critical condition while they were in action.

The other film that resulted in a 50 million dollar lawsuit against paramount pictures is the 1995 movie, Vampire Brooklyn. In this film, Angela Bassett’s stunt double Sonja Davis took a fall and died in a stunt move that went wrong.

These are few of the terrible stories which happens behind the secnes of some of the critically acclaimed Hollywood motion pictures; some of  the magical cuts like walking through a thick glass or a blazing fire are made possible because of these actors.

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