AmedraKiw - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie AmedraKiw

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Atamralech - Part 4

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Atamralech - Part 3

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Atamralech - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"


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Ye Fikir Ken

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Ye Fikir Ken"

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Filfilu Ethiopian Comedy Movie

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Filfilu "

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Yebal Gabicha - Part 4

Watch Yebal Gabicha - Part 4  Click  the Links below for more: Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 1Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 2Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 3Ye

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Yeteseten"

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Newt - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Newt"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Newt"


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Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video)

Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video) 

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Girum Janoye - Yanin Gara

 Girum Janoye - Yanin Gara 

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Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

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WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

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Moges Mebratu - Melisegn (Official Music Video)

Moges Mebratu - Melisegn  (Official Music Video) 

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Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music

Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music


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The 12th African Junior Athletics Championship Begins On Thursday

The 12th African Junior Championship will kick off on Thursday, March 5, at the Addis Ababa Stadium, the organizers announced in a press conference held

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Heartbreaking Story Of 15 Year Old Ethiopian Girl, Tejnesh Lewegneh

15-year-old girl paralyzed after three men threw her off cliff after attempting to rape her

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Fields For Rome Marathon Competition Announced

Last year’s winners may not be returning to the 2015 Rome Marathon, but Habtamu Assefa and Meseret Kitata will aim to keep both titles with

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Diageo Acquires US$119m Upgrade At Meta Abo Brewery

Diageo has officially opened a new US$119m bottling line at its Meta Abo brewery in Ethiopia. Company CEO Ivan Menezes cut the ribbon in a commissioning

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The World Bank - We Can't Take Blames For Ethiopia's Evictions

The World Bank has refused to take blames for violent evictions of indigenous groups in the Gambella Regional State. The Bank has also declined to

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Tripartite Talks Over Ethiopia Dam To Begin In Khartoum

Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry said Egypt seeks “new and unprecedented cooperation” with the eastern Nile Basin countries to reach an agreement for the mutual interests