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Atamralech - Part 4

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Atamralech - Part 3

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Atamralech - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"


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Atamralech - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Filfilu Ethiopian Comedy Movie

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Filfilu "

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8:62 Full Girum Ermias Tsedey Mesfin

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "862 Full Girum Ermias Tsedey Mesfin"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Alwedeshem"

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Makbel 2 - Part 3

She’s a highschool student from a different city; He is a young rich man living in Addis Ababa who stumbled upon this beautiful girl at

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Love Yajo - Ethiopian Movie Trailer

Watch Love Yajo - Ethiopian Movie Trailer


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Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video)

Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video) 

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Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

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Kichini Goa - Dolebo

 Kichini Goa - Dolebo

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SewleSew's Abebe Balcha Aka Asnake Interviewed By Seifu Fantahun

SewleSew's Abebe Balcha Aka Asnake Interviewed By Seifu Fantahun   CLICK LINKS BELOW TO WATCH THE LAST EPISODE OF SEWLESEW IF YOU MISSED IT   Sew Le Sew -

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Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music

Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music

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Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn

Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn


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Tripartite Talks Over Ethiopia Dam To Begin In Khartoum

Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry said Egypt seeks “new and unprecedented cooperation” with the eastern Nile Basin countries to reach an agreement for the mutual interests

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The 12th African Junior Athletics Championship Begins On Thursday

The 12th African Junior Championship will kick off on Thursday, March 5, at the Addis Ababa Stadium, the organizers announced in a press conference held

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10 Year-old Nigerian child accepted in British university Share this post... A ten year-old Nigerian child has been accepted to start her maths degree at a British university. Having enrolled just three weeks ago,

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Man Has S3x With Donkey After Dumping Wife

A divorcee in Mwenezi, southern Zimbabwe, with a penchant for bestiality will spend the next four months in jail after he was caught having sex

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“We won’t observe the [Ethiopian] election for the government wouldn’t accept the report” European Union Share this post...European Union has announced that it won’t observe the upcoming Ethiopian election since the Ethiopian government is not willing to accept the

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Ethiopia To Construct Oil And Gas Pipeline

Ethiopian Ministry of Mines announced that the country is preparing to build an oil and gas pipeline to export its natural gas produce abroad.  Various studies