Seweyew - Part 3

Watch the Ethiopian Movie "Seweyew"

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Tasralech Mahder Assefa

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Tasralech Mahder Assefa"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Alwedeshem"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Adenat"


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Tirfamaw - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Tirfamaw"

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Tirfamaw - Part 3

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Tirfamaw"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Adenat"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Newt"

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Tirfamaw - Part 4

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Tirfamaw"

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Yebal Gabicha - Part 4

Watch Yebal Gabicha - Part 4  Click  the Links below for more: Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 1Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 2Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 3Ye


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Kichini Goa - Dolebo

 Kichini Goa - Dolebo

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WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

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Girum Janoye - Yanin Gara

 Girum Janoye - Yanin Gara 

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Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn

Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn

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SewleSew's Abebe Balcha Aka Asnake Interviewed By Seifu Fantahun

SewleSew's Abebe Balcha Aka Asnake Interviewed By Seifu Fantahun   CLICK LINKS BELOW TO WATCH THE LAST EPISODE OF SEWLESEW IF YOU MISSED IT   Sew Le Sew -

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Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music

Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music


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Ethiopia Marks the 119th Anniversary of the Battle of Adwa Share this post...Ethiopia marks the 119th anniversary of the Battle of Adwa, where history was made as an invading European colonial power was soundly

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The World Bank Ethiopia Scandal: Leaked Transcripts of Interviews From Gambella

Inclusive Development International announced today that its releasing leaked transcripts of interviews conducted by the World Bank during its investigation mission in the Gambella region.

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The Story Of An Ethiopian Girl As A Lesbian

I have neither the privilege nor the guts to introduce myself using my real name. So, I choose to use the name ‘Thriza’; wondering why

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World Bank Covers Up Human Rights Scandal In Ethiopia

The World Bank has whitewashed damning evidence of widespread human rights abuses in connection with its flagship program in Ethiopia, Inclusive Development International said today.

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Ethiopia and Sudan Public Transport to Begin in 40 Days

View Comments Federal Transport Authority (FTA) announced Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed to start public transport between the two countries in the coming 40 days. Abelneh

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Dr. Tedros Meets Delegation From Saudi Arabia Led By Prince Fahad Bin Abdul

Dr. Tedros held discussions with a delegation led by Prince Fahad Bin Mugrin Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia and owner of Recon International Africa