Watch the Ethiopian Movie Waiteru

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Filfilu Ethiopian Comedy Movie

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Filfilu "

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Addisu Mushera

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Addisu Mushera "

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Menta Nefs

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Menta Nefs"


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Adinas - New Ethiopian Movie Trailer

Adinas - New Ethiopian Movie Trailer

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Ye Fikir Ken

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Ye Fikir Ken"

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Yebal Gabicha - Part 4

Watch Yebal Gabicha - Part 4  Click  the Links below for more: Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 1Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 2Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 3Ye

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Newt - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Newt"

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Makbel 2 - Part 3

She’s a highschool student from a different city; He is a young rich man living in Addis Ababa who stumbled upon this beautiful girl at

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Sebekeya - Part 2

Watch the Ethiopian Movie:  Sebekeya


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Fitsum G Tsadik - Sam Argegn (Official Music Video)

 Fitsum G Tsadik - Sam Argegn (Official Music Video)

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Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video)

Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video) 

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WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

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Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

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Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music

Zinaye - Ethiopian Cultural Music

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Mengedu - Shewaferahu Desalegn Comedy Drama

Watch Mengedu - Shewaferahu Desalegn Comedy Drama


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Wondi Mack may face copyright lawsuit over his single release

www.simplesharebuttons.com Share this post...Young singer Wondi Mack has got wide acceptance recently for the cover version of Gashaw Adal’s song ‘Anchiye mene yemeta’. Before his

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9 Unknowing Things About Jesus That Are Probably Wrong

For starters, it's unlikely that he had long, flowing hair, and he wasn't necessarily hung on a cross. Jesus has been described as the best known

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Mo Farah’s training under urgent review after it emerged he was training alongside a convicted doper, Hamza Driouch

British Athletics have admitted to The Mail On Sunday that they have been using a coach heavily connected with a drugs cheat to organise the

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UK says shifting aid approach in Ethiopia

www.simplesharebuttons.com Share this post...The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) said it is shifting its approach on aid delivery to Ethiopia. DFID said the

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Bilal The Ethiopian, Islam’s First Muezzin (Video)

New York (TADIAS) — The upcoming animated feature film Bilal is based on the true story of the highly trusted Ethiopian companion of the Prophet

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5 Suspected Al Shabab Members Charged

Five Al Shabab members who were caught plotting to suicide bomb public places in Addis are charged. According to the news report from the Reporter