Yifelegal - Part 2

Watch New Ethiopian Yifelegal Part 2

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Atamralech - Part 4

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Atamralech - Part 3

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Atamralech - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"


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Yebal Gabicha - Part 4

Watch Yebal Gabicha - Part 4  Click  the Links below for more: Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 1Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 2Ye Bal Gabicha - Part 3Ye

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Love Yajo - Ethiopian Movie Trailer

Watch Love Yajo - Ethiopian Movie Trailer

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Yeteseten"

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Tirfamaw - Part 3

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Tirfamaw"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Senselet "

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Makbel 2 - Part 2

She’s a highschool student from a different city; He is a young rich man living in Addis Ababa who stumbled upon this beautiful girl at


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Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn

Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn

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Ziggy Zaga and Dark I - Techawet Densu (Gbadu)

Ziggy Zaga and Dark I - Techawet Densu (Gbadu) 

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Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

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Kichini Goa - Dolebo

 Kichini Goa - Dolebo

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WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

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SewleSew's Abebe Balcha Aka Asnake Interviewed By Seifu Fantahun

SewleSew's Abebe Balcha Aka Asnake Interviewed By Seifu Fantahun   CLICK LINKS BELOW TO WATCH THE LAST EPISODE OF SEWLESEW IF YOU MISSED IT   Sew Le Sew -


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10th Distributor Of Petroleum Joins The Market

All Way Petroleum Plc is going to join the petroleum distribution business of Ethiopia on Monday, March 9, 2015. Upon joining the market the company

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Air Cargo Brand Of The Decade For Africa Award Goes To Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopia's flag carrier, Ethiopian Airlines - the largest cargo operator in Africa - is pleased to announce that it has won the Air Cargo Brand

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Aliko Dangote, Africa's Richest Man $15 Billion Empire

Aliko Dangote lives as you might as expect, given he’s the richest person in Africa and resides in the same country being bullied by the

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Oldest Human Fossil Unearthed in Ethiopia

Scientists have unearthed the jawbone of what they claim is one of the very first humans. (BBC News) SMITHSONIAN.COM MARCH 4, 2015 One January morning in

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Killer Of Ethiopian Man Apprehended

King William's Town — Tuesday, Maletswai Crime Prevention apprehended a 25-year-old man in connection with the murder of an Ethiopian national. It is alleged on Saturday

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Fertilizers To Be Distributed In Amhara

Amhara State Agriculture Bureau disclosed it is going to distribute a total of 3 million quintals of fertilizers in the coming Ethiopia’s harvest season –