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Atamralech - Part 4

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Atamralech - Part 3

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Atamralech - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"


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Sebekeya - Part 3

Watch the Ethiopian Movie:  Sebekeya

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Atamralech"

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Makbel 2 - Part 2

She’s a highschool student from a different city; He is a young rich man living in Addis Ababa who stumbled upon this beautiful girl at

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Ye Fikir Ken

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Ye Fikir Ken"

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Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Adenat"

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Yeteseten - Part 2

Watch The Ethiopian Movie "Yeteseten"


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Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video)

Mustefa JiJiga - Ethiopiaye - (Official Music Video) 

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Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

Temesgen Tafese - Ergba (Official Music Video)

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WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

WINTA WINTA: The Show - Episode 42

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Moges Mebratu - Melisegn (Official Music Video)

Moges Mebratu - Melisegn  (Official Music Video) 

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Kichini Goa - Dolebo

 Kichini Goa - Dolebo

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Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn

Tamrat Desta - Lijemamregn


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Militarization and alternative biofuel drives Ethiopian land-grab Share this post...Ethiopia promises to meet its Millennium Goal objectives of creating a middle class and providing education and health care for its indigenous

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Coring in Ethiopia to create a half million year sedimentary record Share this post...How was human evolution and migration influenced by past changes in climate? This question has led researchers to drill to great depths

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New charge on Samuel Zemicheal Share this post...A con man Samuel Zemicheal who has cheated by falsely claiming to be a Dr-Engineer has faced a new charge. A court that

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Fire killed Three Children In Addis Ababa

Fire that broke out yesterday at a residence in the Ayer tena area of Kolfe keraneyo subcity in Addis reportedly killed three children aged below

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Fossil discovery in Ethiopia could rewrite history of human evolution Share this post...Scientists in Ethiopia have discovered a fossilised jawbone which they believe could push back the beginning of humankind by almost half a

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Aliko Dangote, Africa's Richest Man $15 Billion Empire

Aliko Dangote lives as you might as expect, given he’s the richest person in Africa and resides in the same country being bullied by the